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Founded in 2002, Aegis is a Nationally licensed health insurance agency and provides private health insurance plans to individuals and businesses throughout the United States. In today’s ever changing healthcare environment, it has become increasingly difficult for people and businesses in need of health insurance coverage to stay on top of all the changes. In addition, many businesses are beginning to reduce or eliminate health care coverage causing more and more people to depend on private health insurance plans.

What Are Private Health Insurance Plans?

With fewer and fewer employers providing individual and family medical insurance, more people are turning to private health insurance plans. These types of health care plans can be purchased to cover an individual or to cover an entire family. In this instance, you will work directly with an agency to secure health insurance coverage. The majority of people in the United States get coverage from their employer or through a government program although the number of people seeking private health insurance is increasing.

How Can I Purchase Private Health Insurance?

In nearly every state, private health insurance is offered through licensed health insurance agents or brokers. Independent agents and brokers are able to offer coverage from many different insurance carriers and they can help you design and compare insurance coverage that best suit your individual needs.

Aegis helps people secure health insurance through its extensive network of providers, and services these plans by helping process claims, handle renewals and anything else regarding your health insurance policy.

How are premiums determined?

In most states, when people apply for private health insurance, they are asked to provide information about themselves and any family members to be covered. Insurance companies use the information on the application to determine your rates. They may also request additional information from your physician for clarification on any issues.

Once your health status has been determined, you will be assigned to a rate class and put into a pool of other individuals with similar health status. In other words, rates for private health insurance varies for different people depending upon the class of customers you’ve been assigned to.

Why should I purchase from Aegis?


We educate our clients about the different types of private health insurance and plans available
We offer a broad selection of coverage through our vast network of health insurance companies
We provide excellent customer service before and after the sale


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